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ProStock 16% Dairy Ration - Textured
MODEL #D400550B | SKU #299055

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Feeding Directions

16% Dairy Ration is designed to be fed with excellent quality legume and cereal forages. For total mixed rations (TMR) mix at a rate of 40-50% of the total diet on a dry matter basis. When using stantion, parlour, or computer feeding, feed at a rate of approximately 1 kg of 16% Dairy Ration for every 3-4 kg of milk produced. The age, stage of lactation, quality of forage, forage intake and body condition of the cow will determine the exact amount of 16% Dairy Ration required. Cows should always have free choice access to salt and clean drinking water.

Consult your UFA feed advisor or nutritionist for more detailed feeding directions.

Use Cattle
Size 25KG
Type Ration
Length 24.00 in
Width 24.00 in
Height 4.00 in
Net Weight 55.00 lb
Gross Weight 55.00 lb
Volume 2,304.01 cu in
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