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Intruvix™ Herbicide - 3.72kg + 1.2L Case
MODEL #11002175 | SKU #1138672

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Intruvix™ herbicide brings farmers the only four mode-of-action (after adding glyphosate) cereal burnoff, to fight resistance and control over 30 of the toughest broadleaf weeds including kochia, cleavers, volunteer canola and narrow-leaved hawk's-beard. With the fast activity of Intruvix herbicide and multiple modes of action, you get unparalleled weed control, cleaner fields, while combating resistance but without the worry of weed escapes. It's also flexible. Intruvix herbicide is suitable for all soil types from brown to black to grey. And, spring wheat, durum, barley and oats can be planted just 24 hours after application. Plus, Intruvix herbicide can be used for chem-fallow and post-harvest applications, and after the following year, any crop can be planted.
  • Multiple modes-of-action to fight herbicide resistance.
  • Fast activity coupled with the power of systemic action on broadleaf weeds.
  • Extensive burnoff of over 30 broadleaf weeds in front of cereal crops.
  • Cleaner fields without the worry of resistant weed escapes.
  • Flexible re-cropping the following year.

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Use Pre-seed
Size less than 10 L
Net Weight 7.20 lb
Gross Weight 7.20 lb
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