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Oxbow Essentials Adult Chinchilla Food
Oxbow Essentials Adult Chinchilla Food is made with high-quality, nutritious ingredients! Chinchillas need to eat a high quality mix of grasses and nutrients. They also need the right mix of protein, fiber, and fat. Oxbow Chinchilla Food is designed just for them! Using a special blend of fiber, protein, and fats, this food perfectly meets your chinchilla’s complex needs. This food is made into alfalfa pellets that are easy to feed as a result. Most of all, your chinchilla will love the delicious alfalfa flavour. Oxbow Adult Chinchilla Food is rich in fiber and is easy to digest. This means it won’t upset your chinchilla’s sensitive tummy. It also has the right combination of protein and essential healthy fats that chinchillas need. Furthermore, this food is the perfect source for carbohydrates and energy. This food is perfect for chinchillas of all ages, and is made with a specially formulated blend of nutrients and vitamins. Chinchillas are natural herbivores and need unlimited access to hay-based foods and natural grass hays.
  • this food is designed specially for chinchillas, and is closest to their natural diet
  • only high quality, hand inspected ingredients are used to make this food
  • this chinchilla food is made into alfalfa pellets that are easy to feed
  • this food is high in the fiber, protein, and fats that chinchillas need
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