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Clews Palliser Cattle Oiler

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Gravity fed free standing Oiler designed to protect cattle against flies and lice.
Cattle naturally like to rub, and will rub on anything… trees, fences, fence posts anything that they can rub against… they will.

The oiler takes advantage of that desire to rub and applies a chemical/carrier solution to them… the chemical kills or repels the insects that bother them…. Primarily flies (horn & face) lice (sucking and chewing) While the chemical info page typically does not say that it provides relief from mosquitos… they appear to get relief from that as well.
Cattle Treat themselves
Relief from Lice Flies & Mosquitos
Gravity fed see through tank
Uses safer thicker mineral oil
See thru tank to check level
Adjustable Flow rate
Strong construction-Easy setup
5 Year Rope Warranty

Length 96.00 in
Width 24.00 in
Height 24.00 in
Net Weight 425.00 lb
Gross Weight 425.00 lb
Volume 4,147.22 cu in
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