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Orijen Small Breed Dog Food
Orijen Small Breed Dog Food is an exceptionally high quality formula. This recipe is designed to meet the nutritional needs or your small breed dog, with smaller than average kibble size. In fact, the kibbles are uniquely shaped to be more palatable for smaller dog's mouths. This protein-rich recipe starts with delicious deboned turkey, chicken, quail, eggs, whiting, mackerel, and organ meats. This is a considered a whole prey diet, as it includes the wholesome nutrition of organ meats and cartilage, which your dog would naturally eat in the wild. This recipe includes freeze dried raw ingredients, such as liver, for an additional nutrient boost that is easy to digest. Orijen collaborates with a specially curated group of leading farmers, ranchers and fisheries that they have had relationships with for decades. Their strong network enables them to source only the best, including lamb from New Zealand, fish from Scandinavia and many premium ingredients from our neighbours. No matter what, every ingredient used is selected for its nutritional value, digestibility and superior flavour. Orijen Small Breed Dog Food is complete and balanced for small breed dogs of all ages. This means it has all of the nutrition your dog needs to thrive. Almost all of that nutrition comes from high quality, wholefoods ingredients, too! There is very little supplementation added, because this is such a naturally healthful diet. Other delicious ingredients include lentils, navy beans, mussels, cranberries, pumpkins, and much more. Your small dog will love the delicious taste of this food. Available in a 1.8 KG or a 4.5 KG bag size.
  • made with fresh meats that are processed as soon as they enter the manufacturing kitchen
  • rich in high quality meats and produce
  • made with many local ingredients
  • proudly made in canada
  • specially designed kibble shape for small breeds
  • contains everything a small breed dog needs to thrive
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