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DSG Four Plus Arctic - 4 L
MODEL #AP4L | SKU #1104477

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Description: Diesel fuel enhancer that provides improved diesel fuel performance, improved mileage, emissions reduction plus protection against cold weather gelling.


  • Powerful full guarantee and warranty program
  • Approved for use in ULSD and engines with DPM Filters
  • Approved for use in the USA by EPA
  • Powerful antigel prevents cold weather gelling Powerful antigel prevents cold weather gelling Powerful antigel prevents cold weather gelling
  • Prevents valve-stem gumming in cold weather
  • Contains cetane improver for better mileage and improved cold starting
  • Extends engine life
  • Lubricates upper cylinders, pumps, injectors and turbochargers
  • Keeps engine and fuel system clean (Cummins L-10 and N-14 specifications)
  • Storage and thermal stabilizers prevent heavy fuel separation
  • Prevents sticking rings and valve stem sticking
  • Extends fuel filter life by keeping wax and Asphaltene in suspension
  • Advanced water control technology
  • Keeps engine oil clean by reducing soot, especially in EGR equipped engines
  • Disperses sediments, gums and varnishes
  • Protech O-rings and seals by keeping them supple and flexible
  • Environmentally friendly, chlorine free detergent
  • Reduces emissions and smoke
Size 4L
Type Diesel Fuel Additive
Length 5.00 in
Width 4.00 in
Height 8.00 in
Net Weight 8.00 lb
Gross Weight 8.00 lb
Volume 160.00 cu in
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