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Chevron Delo HD Synthetic 75W-90 - 18.9 litres
MODEL #223034783 | SKU #161504

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Description: 100% synthetic fully compounded for truck and automotive applications.


  • Extended drain capabilities — Field proven in fleet testing for 500,000-mile drain intervals.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability — The synthetic hydrocarbon base oil used in this product provides outstanding stability.
  • High viscosity index and low pour point — The synthetic hydrocarbon base stock provides extremely broad operating temperature ranges when compared with conventional mineral oil based lubricants.
  • Excellent seal compatibility — This product is compatible with widely used seal elastomers.
  • Refill and top off compatibility — RPM Synthetic Gear Lubricant is compatible with conventional mineral oil based and other synthetic automotive gear lubricants.
Size 18.9L
Type Gear Oil
Technology Synthetic
Length 12.00 in
Width 12.00 in
Height 15.00 in
Net Weight 40.00 lb
Gross Weight 40.00 lb
Volume 2,160.01 cu in
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