UFA Co-operative Ltd announces another year of UFA Funds 4-H Clubs!

Today is National Show Your 4-H Colours Day! Typically, it’s the day when thousands of youth, volunteers, alumni and supporters from coast to coast celebrate 4-H by giving back to their communities all while wearing their favourite shade of green! This year, we may be limited by what we can do in person, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still show our support by wearing our 4-H Colours! UFA's Senior Leadership Team and Board Chair certainly got in the spirit by going green!

UFA goes green
From top left to right: Scott Bolton, President & CEO; Fred Thun, Chief Financial Officer; Don Smith, VP Petroleum & Innovation; Rob Giguere, VP Commercial Agribusiness; Kevin Hoppins, Board Chair; Lisa Kissick, VP Information Technology; Glenn Bingley, Chief Operating Officer; Bob Fink, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer; and special kudos to Kevin Hoppins' socks featured on his combine.

In honour of Show Your 4-H Colours Day, applications for the current season are now open for the UFA Funds 4-H Clubs program!

There is up to $80,000 in funding available in 2021 for 4-H Alberta Clubs and Districts to apply for support of their local programs, projects and initiatives.

UFA’s 4-H sponsorship dedicates $80K towards local 4-H Clubs and Districts with an additional $20K going to the 4-H Alberta to support youth programing. Our goal is to provide funding to as many of the 300+ Alberta 4-H Clubs and 57 4-H Districts as possible.

“We are asking the Clubs and Districts to apply directly to UFA for funding, with the potential for each to receive up to $300 for their individual programs, first-come, first-served. Last year’s response was overwhelming with UFA funding around 200 4-H Alberta Clubs,” says Kimberly MacDonald, Community Investment Manager at UFA. “The success stories and letters of gratitude continue to pour in, and we look forward to sharing those stories in the coming months.”

Because the program was so successful, we are continuing with the same process by launching our third round of UFA Funds 4-H Clubs today with an application deadline of January 15, 2021. Our goal is to fund even more Clubs this coming year, and to extend the opportunity to 4-H Districts to apply as well.

Here's how it works:

  • There is up to $80,000 of available funding for 4-H Clubs and Districts in Alberta, for the 2021 4-H season.
  • 4-H Clubs and Districts in Alberta, interested in receiving up to $300 in funding for the current 4-H Club season, can apply here.
  • Funding is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Funds are not guaranteed but will be awarded to Club and/or District after their application is reviewed and approved. This review will follow the order in which the applications were received. Applications open November 4, 2020 and close January 15, 2021.
  • All Clubs and Districts will be notified of the status of their application in the new year with disbursements no later than March 1, 2021.
  • The local 4-H Club and/or District receiving support will share with UFA, the story of how their funds were used, which we can then share with our customers, members and team.

We are very excited for our third year of UFA Funds 4-H Clubs and we encourage you to help share the message by telling your friends, family and local 4-H Clubs & Districts.

For more information, and to help you address any questions you may receive regarding this funding, please review our FAQs. Questions may also be directed to UFAFunds4HClubs@UFA.com.

Apply today!



UFA Co-operative Ltd announces another year of UFA Funds 4-H Clubs!

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