Dieselex® Gold Launches Continue Across the Province

Customers Are Taking Advantage of UFA’s Precision Blended Diesel Product Offering

In April of this year, United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative Ltd. (UFA) announced that Dieselex® Gold was coming to select UFA Petroleum locations. UFA launched Dieselex® Gold in a phased rollout that started in southern Alberta. The first sites commissioned were High River and Cardston. Early reports show that 30 per cent of fuel sales from these two sites are now Dieselex® Gold.

The phased roll-out continues to expand into locations across the province, with another seven sites scheduled to have the offering by year-end.

Don Smith, Vice President, UFA Petroleum says that it’s exciting to know our customers are taking advantage of this Precision Blended Diesel Fuel. “We strive to provide the best fuel for our members by offering a product that exceeds the standards of a Top Tier Diesel fuel. Dieselex® Gold improves performance power, efficiency and protection. This gives our customers true premium performance enhancements and UFA is proud to be the exclusive marketer of Dieselex® Gold in Alberta.”


Dieselex® Gold is a Precision Blended Diesel Fuel that cleans injectors for better fuel efficiency, assists with faster engine starts, prevents internal injector deposits all while extending fuel storage life and protecting all fuel system components. UFA signed a partnership agreement with GROWMARK Inc. to bring its membership this bulk fuel offering to our members and customers.

“Since we began offering Dieselex® Gold, the feedback from customers has been nothing but positive. They are happy to have access to a proven Diesel product and it’s another great example of how UFA is adding value to our members by offering innovative services and premium products,” says Rob Nielson, UFA Cardston Petroleum Agent.

Call us today to find out how you can experience the power, efficiency and protection of Dieselex® Gold. Watch for more updates as we continue to roll-out Dieselex® Gold across the province!

Dieselex® Gold Launches Continue Across the Province

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