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Muck Pellets PLUS- Muck Reducing Pond Bacteria
MODEL #muckplus12.5kg | SKU #mp-00002211
These EXTRA STRENGTH pellets were designed for lagoons, lakes and ponds as a low-maintenance solution for sludge and muck build up. This product has more than 2x the bacteria concentrate compared to similar products. This is a Professional Grade pellet that controls muck and sludge build up on the bottom of your pond or lake. Great for swimming areas, around boat docks, beaches, etc. The Professional Grade pellets are fortified with specialized bacterial strains that are high volume waste consumers. They also have a trace mineral base and organic catalyst to increase the productivity of each pellet. Features Include: Specially designed pellet that drives the active ingredient down to the muck and organic matter where it can do the most good. Contains sludge eating bacteria, enzymes and trace minerals. Eliminates odor causing muck in swimming areas, around docks and on beaches. No gypsum fillers Directions: To use as a spot treatment around a dock, pier, beach or other problem area. Apply 1/4 kg per 1/4 acre once a week for 4 weeks. After first month apply every other week. Stop applying once the water temperature goes below 14 degrees Celsius.
  • easy to apply
  • small pellet for easy application
  • odour free
  • completely natural and chemical free
  • safe for livestock & wildlife
  • bacteria listed on dsl list
  • double the concentration of similar products!
  • 5 species formula
  • contains sludge eating bacteria, enzymes & minerals
  • available in 2.5 kg, 5kg, or 12.5kg
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